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I'm the kind of mun who enjoys TL;DRing, but I can also enjoy a good quick action-tag thread. Please note: If I write you a long comment DO NOT feel obligated to match it's length unless you want to! As long as I'm given something to bounce off of, I honestly don't care about the length of the tags I'm given. I'd take quality over quantity any day!


I am a-ok with smutting. Note that Anna is one kinky and sadistic female though; and is far more likely to fool around with someone than seek a relationship with them. My full and detailed list of things I'd be willing to play out with her can be found here.

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Anna Williams || Tekken

Canon Source: Tekken
Canon Format: Video game series
Point in Canon: Just after Tekken 6
Character's Name: Anna Williams
Character's Age: 42 chronologically, in terms of years living. Physically 23 years old.
Nationality : Irish (But speaks with no Irish accent detectable)
Occupation : Bodyguard / Assassin
Alignment : Varies. Mostly evil; sometimes good.


Character History: In her early twenties, with a flirtatious demeanor and a seductive laugh, she is something of a femme fatale. Anna has a serious sibling rivalry with her older sister, Nina Williams, that goes back many years. This rivalry seems to have intensified after the death of their father, Richard Williams, as each sister holds the other responsible.Anna learned her Aikido techniques from her mother, a female national Aikido champion. Her father, Richard Williams, taught Nina assassination techniques, but he has neglected Anna for years and never taught her his own assassination techniques.
At one point in the series, Anna volunteered to be a test-subject for cryonics ('cold-sleep') research. As a result, her youth was preserved for several years as she remained in a deep sleep, before being awoken again near the 3rd King of Iron Fist tournament.

Character Personality: Her attitude contrasts to that of her sister. She is shown to have a more human- and almost compassionate side, at times. However, this is rare- and she is also known to be a great deal more mischievous; sometimes messing with people for no reason other than her own amusement. Anna is both a sadist, and a bit of a masochist. She gets off on other people's humiliation, and will sometimes even go out of her way just to embarrass someone. While Anna genuinely hates defeat, she's been described as being "a masochist for her sister's punishment", due to the fact that she's always coming back for more battles with Nina even despite the fact that she always loses to her sister. When her sister isn't around for an extended period of time, Anna begins to feel as though something in her life is missing. It's a definite love/hate relationship on her end- perhaps leaning more toward obsession. However, despite the way Anna constantly seeks out Nina, Nina herself seems a bit more standoff-ish and annoyed at Anna than anything else.
Anna loves attention. Nearly everything about her screams "look at me!", from her overly-extravagant clothing to her exaggerated body-language. This is most likely due to the fact that she got little-to-no attention from her father as a child.
Anna isn't exactly an "evil" person, though she usually aligns herself with the "badguys" if her sister has already aligned herself with the "goodguys". She has no hatred for humanity, or will to destroy the planet, or even any large goal in life. But Anna is both selfish and impulsive; she'd gladly damn the entire world to hell if it would help in satisfying her urge to continue dueling her older sister. Very little else, if anything at all, truly matters to her.

Appearance/PB: Anna is an Irish-born woman with a curvacious body and an extravagant style. She has a wide variety of flashy clothing that she loves to wear, but more often than not appears in her trademark red silk dress. Sometimes a blue version of it. Anna's butt is known to be the largest of the characters' in the Tekken series; and this was made most obvious in Tekken 6. She has dark brown hair that's usually cropped to frame her face, is definitely no stranger to makeup, and has a seductive voice.


Character's Canon Abilities: Anna is a highly-skilled assassin; capable of fighting with a very wide variety of different weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. She practices a mix of 2 traditional fighting styles, but with an added flair of her own personality and "below-the-belt" tactics thrown in. The styles that she has been formerly trained in by her parents are Koppo (Bone-breaking Martial Arts), and Assassination Arts based in Aikido. As with all Tekken characters, Anna is much stronger than she looks; capable of launching people off of their feet with a single hard slap, breaking through concrete walls with ease and beating opponents straight through hard floors. Also keeping with the canon of every Tekken character, she is able to understand any spoken language; even if it's not a language that she can speak herself. And I mean any language- including Japanese, Chinese, Bear, Kangaroo, Mythical beast and... technically Tree.

Weapons: As stated before, Anna has trained to handle a very wide variety of weapons. Her favorite among them being her trusty bazooka, concealed assassin daggers, and her own high heels. She can also use nearly every kind of gun, sword, and melee weapon that one can typically think of.


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